Monday, March 2, 2009

Toby and my Salvation Army finds

I finally found my camera so that I could take a picture of my finds at the Salvation Army Family Store. Here is a list of things that I bought:

  1. a roll of pink and green wallpaper in an art deco design.
  2. an old rubber stamp holder
  3. three glasses with pink roses that match my dishes
  4. a skein of creme colored yarn with gold thread twisted in-perfect for some Christmas dish cloths.
  5. a pitcher with roses on it
  6. an old tart plate-I was thinking of mounting something in the middle
  7. an old pattern with cute girls on the front
  8. an old metal paper file holder-this will hold all my quilting rulers

I love to go looking at the thrift stores, not that I really need anything, but it is the thrill of the hunt. About a month ago I found a wool Pendleton Malcolm plaid skirt for $2.50! Even my husband thought it looked new. I have yet to discover if it is vintage Pendleton or not.

When I sew, Toby sits in his basket on a table next to my sewing machine. He likes to be part of the action like all cats do. He is a very sweet cat, but boy does he have a voice on him. We usually go Florida in the winter and we take him along. The first two hours of the drive he is constantly meowing. We have him in the back of the car with mesh separating him from the front seat. He is very annoyed by it, because he wants to sit on my husband's lap to help him drive. When he finally realizes that he has to stay in the back he will settle down and do some sleeping for a while. Then it is more meowing and trying to figure out a way to get up front. There have been times when much to our amazement he actually does make it up front!

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