Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quilting Retreat

Tomorrow I am off to a quilting retreat in Tustin MI at a 4 H camp.  This is the 8th annual  "Get-a-Way" hosted by Gretchen and her staff from Quilt-n Friends in Sterling  Heights MI.  We all have a great time at this retreat as the friends, accommodations and food are the best.  I so look forward to this every year, and I was afraid that I might not be able to go because of  knee problems, but I am going pain or not.  

                I really haven't written much about my quilting, but it is my number one love.    Our house is decorated with quilts in every room in the house.  I have so many UFOs that I should count them
and start trying to finish them.  I was  machine quilting my own quilts, but now I have them done by a long arm quilter and they get done much faster.  I am taking three quilts with me to start (I know why not take one that is almost finished?  It is the thrill of the new fabric and pattern .).  Of course I won't start all three, but I'll have a choice when I get there.


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Stitches said...

You sound like a woman after my own heart, I always say that I'm a starter but not a finisher. I love and get excited when I start a new project but sadly, I have way too many unfinished UFO's. I'm trying very hard to get some of them finished and it's a big day when I do!!!


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