Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 x 4 Cards for Ancient Mysteries Swap

I have been behind on my swaps this summer.  Can't imagine why. LOL  The Bast card is for the Egytian 
god card.  Naturally I had to do a cat.

The next one is the animal totem card.  Now I have one more to make and I will be done with this swap, except for a few loose ends.  I have to make a cover, and then hope that I receive my cards from my swap partners.   Right now I am missing two, plus the one that is due this month.  But since I have been late on a lot of mine-haven't even started this months- I think everyone will come through with cards.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I've gotten back to my sewing machine

I saw this cute dress on Esty and decided to order two kits to make dresses for Juliet and Sarah.  The site is .  Check out the cute kits she has for sale.  They are reasonably priced, all cut out for you, and all materials included.  You just do the sewing, ( the directions are easy and  well written) and the dress is sewn in no time.  I just love the way they turned out and hope that Juliet and Sarah like them.  The red one is for Juliet and the turquoise print for Sarah. 

This is a skirt that I made for Sarah.  MI daughter had bought some fabric for me to make The Girly Stripwork skirt from a while back and of course I misplaced it in my sewing room.  So I finally found the material and made up the strip part of the skirt, only to find out that the material was not what she had bought.  I should have know when I saw the yellow.  So to remedy the situation MI daughter and I headed to the fabric store to find some kind of  "funky fabric" to save the skirt.  We picked the diamond pattern for the drop waistband and the  hem band and were pleased  with the results.


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