Friday, February 27, 2009

2009 Rag Doll Challenge

I just signed up for the rag doll challenge hosted by Blithe and Blonde. I have some thoughts as to what I would like to do, especially since I have two granddaughters. Why don't you come and join us. All you have to do in make a doll and then post it on your blog/web site.

I went treasure hunting Wednesday, but they are still in the car. I didn't bring them in because I really didn't want to explain to my loving husband just why I bought the items. When I get them in the house I will post some pictures. Really my husband is very understanding of my purchases, but he sure does roll his eyes. After 45 years of marriage, I can easily say I would marry him again. He is a real treasure.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I just had to post this picture of my MI daughter's cat, Murphy. He is one big cat isn't he? He always acts as if he is starving, just so you will give him a treat. He has been on diet cat food almost ten years and he is only eleven! Mi daughter adopted him from the MI Humane Society when he was just a little kitten. The first week I babysat for Sarah, I heard noise in the kitchen and went to investigate. The above picture is what I saw. Murphy is a cat that anyone could love, except for his litter box habits. I am sure any other owner would not put up with his antics. When MI daughter had her other two boy cats poor Murphy was always low man on the totem pole. Since he is now the only cat, you would think he would behave, but alas that is not to be. Mi daughter has tried every trick in the book. She even went to a pet psychic, and lucky me got to tag along. The psychic was very right on about his personally and the reasons for his actions, but that didn't work either.

I have made more of the dishcloths from Homespun Living. They are fast and make a very nice cloth and a great gift to give to someone, plus being a good replacement for paper towels. Michaels has a sale of Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton yarn this week-four for five dollars. So today I headed over to Michaels to buy some more yarn. I got a skein of red to make some for next Christmas. When I was at the Salvation Army last week I found a white with gold thread skein for 50 cents. That will make a nice stripe on the red background.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sarah at three months

This is a picture of Sarah that was taken yesterday. She and her Mom were out at Babies R Us buying the necessary diapers and formula. They also bought a toy of some sort for her to play in. It is round and has lots of baby toys. It is a stand in toy. Wish I could remember the name, but I think it is called a saucer. We went over to their house this morning as we are expecting a big snow storm today. MI daughter put Sarah into the saucer, and she entertained us with her laughs and giggles.
Next week is my last week to babysit her, and the following week she will begin daycare. I have enjoyed watching her, but I only did it two days a week. I commend the grandmothers and great aunts, and grandpas too, who babysit on a weekly basis. I would if I had to, but I like to be free to be me at this stage in my life.
I have been busying getting a swap together for my partner Cassie for The Winning Hand swap given by the The Goodness Girls. Check out their site. The swap must contain at least one hand made item, one vintage/thrifty or second hand item, and one sweet treat. It has been fun trying to find things with the four card suits. But I was able to find some things! I will post pictures after the swap.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yesterday I receive the above package in the mail from Karla at Karla's cottage. I had signed up for her Puppy Love tag book on her blog. Her dog Twinkle had recently had puppies and it was also close to Valentine's Day so she decided to celebrate with a tag swap. Above is the package I received from her all decked out in a pretty floral ribbon and a vintage flower. Oh so cute! I was eager to open the package and see the tags.

This is the cover that Karla (Karla's Cottage) did. Isn't it beautiful? I'm afraid the picture doesn't do it justice. It also had a puppy love tag with vintage flower, small dog toy and a glass heart.

Page 1: This page was done by bonoramamama.blogspot. Love the dog and the crocheted heart. Lots of glitter and a decorated back.

Page 2: This tag was designed by Cheryl (The Pines). Such a sweet little boy and perhaps his sister. Lots of love.

Page 3: This tag was made by Amy Wald. That is gathered crepe paper on the bottom and has a decorated back with a page from a book entitled "twas love's fault."

Page 4: This page with the vintage valentine(love that dog-he must be a beagle) and a decorated back is from EB.

Page 5: This cute little girl with her dog and doll is from Sharon Mansell. There is a little silver heart attached with the red ribbon. The back is a vintage post card back.

Page 6: Hope Ellington at vintage-whimsy did this striking tag. The ric -rac is pink velvet. There is metal heart tied with silky seam binding. The large center is a crystal dome surrounded with glitter.

Aren't these tags all beautiful! I just love swaps, although this is only my first swap since blogging and second internet swap. I just signed up for the Winning Hand swap at The Goodness Girls. Hope you enjoyed viewing these tags.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My Toby was feeling bad because he was not on the header. (He likes to watch when I do things.) So here is a picture of him. I rescued him from the Michigan Anti Cruelty League., when he was about 2 years old. This is our second cat in our marriage of 45 years. Our first cat was also a Siamese named Tao, who was a wonderful cat.
This is the story of how Toby became ours: After Tao died,
we tried once to get another cat, but since I am allergic to them it didn't work out and we had to return him. Time went by and the girls went off to college (Go MSU), got jobs, and moved into their own places. MI daughter loves cats! So as soon as she had her first apartment she got a cat, and ended up with three. My asthma didn't seem so bad, so I kept telling myself that someday before I died I was going to get another cat, because I love them so much.
In 2000 I was sitting in my car eating a Big Mac, my last before starting a diet the next day, and decided that perhaps I should stop at the PetSmart and check out the cats for adoption. Then again why torture myself since I couldn't have one, and besides there wouldn't be a Siamese. Of course I stopped. Who can pass out a chance to be around cats! Lo and Behold there was a SIAMESE with a little bit of domestic cat mixed in. Right then I knew I had to have him, so I filled out the paper work, had a phone interview that afternoon, and he was ours. We are his forever home.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Homespun Living Dishcloths

Finally I got the picture of my dishcloths upload. This has taken me about an hour and a half, but I am learning as I go. The dishcloth pattern is from Homespun Living, which has a lot of nice patterns that she shares. I originally saw this on Her art nest--Check Nancy's blog out also. They are both listed in my blog lists that I visit.
If you can knit, these go very fast and the results are satisfying. I made one for each of my daughters for Valentine's Day and purchased a kitchen towel in matching colors. Now I am making another and have also bought some more yarn in a pleasing green and a variegated green and purple that I think will look nice together.
I saw baby Sarah yesterday and I swear she gets more beautiful by the day. I guess all grandmothers feel the same about their grand babies. She is 3 months now and really wants to sit up (with a little help) all the time. Her Mom bought her a Cat in the Hat stuffed toy at Kohl's and she just loves it. It brings out the big smiles, especially when you touch her face with its paw.
We bought our airline tickets for LA. We are going to fly in there and then drive to Santa Barbara for a vacation with the OR family. My son-in-law lived there for awhile so he will be showing us all the good things to see. We rented a cottage near the beach so that should be fun Juliet. Last summer when we went to OR she went "swimming" in a children's pool and had the time of her life. I can't wait to see her.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Header

I finally figured out how to add a cute header to my blog. This is a picture of my daughter Beth's late cat. He turned up on her doorstep one night, and being the cat lover that she is, she took him in after a trip to the Vet's. She put posters all over town trying to find his owner. Six months later the owner turned up, but didn't want him anymore, so she turned him over to Beth. He later developed cancer and had to be put down. Mario was his name, and he was a very good cat.

Evidently I will try to construct a header that reflects my interest-quilting, mixed media, and crafts.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am having the joy of babysitting my new granddaughter Sarah for two days this week. I just fininhed the dishcloths that I am making for Valentine gifts for my daughters. I hope to get the picutures posted tomorrow.


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