Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sarah at three months

This is a picture of Sarah that was taken yesterday. She and her Mom were out at Babies R Us buying the necessary diapers and formula. They also bought a toy of some sort for her to play in. It is round and has lots of baby toys. It is a stand in toy. Wish I could remember the name, but I think it is called a saucer. We went over to their house this morning as we are expecting a big snow storm today. MI daughter put Sarah into the saucer, and she entertained us with her laughs and giggles.
Next week is my last week to babysit her, and the following week she will begin daycare. I have enjoyed watching her, but I only did it two days a week. I commend the grandmothers and great aunts, and grandpas too, who babysit on a weekly basis. I would if I had to, but I like to be free to be me at this stage in my life.
I have been busying getting a swap together for my partner Cassie for The Winning Hand swap given by the The Goodness Girls. Check out their site. The swap must contain at least one hand made item, one vintage/thrifty or second hand item, and one sweet treat. It has been fun trying to find things with the four card suits. But I was able to find some things! I will post pictures after the swap.

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MI Daughter said...

That didn't take long! My Little Bo Peep!


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