Friday, February 6, 2009

My Header

I finally figured out how to add a cute header to my blog. This is a picture of my daughter Beth's late cat. He turned up on her doorstep one night, and being the cat lover that she is, she took him in after a trip to the Vet's. She put posters all over town trying to find his owner. Six months later the owner turned up, but didn't want him anymore, so she turned him over to Beth. He later developed cancer and had to be put down. Mario was his name, and he was a very good cat.

Evidently I will try to construct a header that reflects my interest-quilting, mixed media, and crafts.

1 comment:

OR daughter said...

when am I getting my dishcloths?
Juliet ate pancakes today
Played Jingle Bells on the guitar
ate lunch
Played on the playground twice
went to ben and jerry's
ate dinner
played choo choo
had a bath
said "i want dinner"
Bert said "want milk"
I said "want a snack"
Juliet said " Mommy said snack" and ran to the kitchen


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