Sunday, February 8, 2009

Homespun Living Dishcloths

Finally I got the picture of my dishcloths upload. This has taken me about an hour and a half, but I am learning as I go. The dishcloth pattern is from Homespun Living, which has a lot of nice patterns that she shares. I originally saw this on Her art nest--Check Nancy's blog out also. They are both listed in my blog lists that I visit.
If you can knit, these go very fast and the results are satisfying. I made one for each of my daughters for Valentine's Day and purchased a kitchen towel in matching colors. Now I am making another and have also bought some more yarn in a pleasing green and a variegated green and purple that I think will look nice together.
I saw baby Sarah yesterday and I swear she gets more beautiful by the day. I guess all grandmothers feel the same about their grand babies. She is 3 months now and really wants to sit up (with a little help) all the time. Her Mom bought her a Cat in the Hat stuffed toy at Kohl's and she just loves it. It brings out the big smiles, especially when you touch her face with its paw.
We bought our airline tickets for LA. We are going to fly in there and then drive to Santa Barbara for a vacation with the OR family. My son-in-law lived there for awhile so he will be showing us all the good things to see. We rented a cottage near the beach so that should be fun Juliet. Last summer when we went to OR she went "swimming" in a children's pool and had the time of her life. I can't wait to see her.


Her Art Nest said...

I see you are getting "dishcloth mania" like I did right before Christmas. I must have knitted one a day for 30 days. They look cute bundled and tied with a polka dot bow for gifts! I haven't stopped knitting them since I discovered the pattern. I even made some with micro-fiber in the yarn. Of course, more expensive, but dry much faster. Have fun!

homespun living said...

Beautiful, Nancy! Glad you're enjoying the pattern.


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