Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catching Up on my Projects

This is a trivet/hot pad that I made using the tutorials on the Homespun Living blog. I loved the way the finished pad turned out. The back is a knitted seed stitch square, well almost square. LOL I used the Sugar n' Cream cotton ecru yarn from Lily . The front is various pieces of cloth from projects MI daughter and I have done for her house, plus a few ribbons and trim. (OR daughter-if you want one, what color?)

This is a close-up so that you can see the trims.

Not to long ago I posted about a vintage flower holder that I bought to give to MI daughter, but decided to keep for myself. I have been on a hunt to find something similar for her. Well, I found this cute one in white, although I don't think it is vintage, it still is sweet.

A few weeks ago my sister-in-law came over for another craft day. We have a lot of fun making things together. Our biggest project was a quilt that I helped Lee Ann make as a memory of her husband and my brother Steven, who died of brain cancer in 2006. I don't have a picture, but she cut up his shirts to make blocks for the quilt. She also used some angel blocks that she made from a kit. This was her first quilt and it turned out very nice. It is a very special quilt.

This day, we made small bags from a pattern called Snap Happy. You need only two fat quarters to make all three. The pattern is from Stitchin' Sisters, email at I made the Scottie dog bags for my best friend Chris, and Lee made the blue ones. This week we got together and made book covers, but I forgot to take a picture.

Keep crafting folks, it keeps us sane and happy. Find something you like and as NIKE would say "JUST DO IT."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Red Lead Ancestors Swap

Red Lead a scrapbook store in MO sponsored an ancestor ATC swap in which I participated in last month. You had to use two of their collage sheets. Below are the ATCs that I made. I tried to made them all similar yet different. I find this is easier for me if I am short of time, which I was as I was getting ready for OR daughter and Juliet to visit. I am looking forward to receiving my five ATCs in the mail.
I am busy right now working on a knitted purse for summer. I am making it out of a blue, tan and ecru variegated cotton yarn, and a strand of ecru yarn. I saw the purses that Nancy of Her ArtNest made and wanted to make one for myself. Since my finger is still in a splint it is slow going, but I am making progress.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Princess Juliet

Princess Juliet and her mother have now gone back to her kingdom, and our house no longer rings with her laughter and presence. We miss them both already and they have only been gone a few hours. What a joyous week we have had with them and MI daughter and our other princess, Sarah. It was so fun watching the two girls interact with each other. Juliet was so gentle with Sarah and Sarah could not keep her eyes off of Juliet. It was more important to Sarah to watch Juliet and her actions than eat. Sarah would crawl after Juliet wherever she went, especially when she had Sarah's toys. Juliet, of course, felt the toys were hers, since a lot of them were indeed hers when she was a baby. That didn't bother Sarah as she would go on to a different toy.

We had a birthday party for Juliet's third birthday and her great aunt Lee gave her the beautiful princess dress, which Juliet LOVED and had to wear everyday. It felt like Christmas, since Juliet had so many gifts to unwrap. Now we just have to get them in the mail and send out to her kingdom.

Now I have time to get back to my quilting, crafts and etc. Of course, I wish that I could see the OR family more often, but I feel blessed that I have seen them twice this year, and we are now looking forward to Fall and perhaps seeing them again.


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