Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sarah is 11 months tomorrow

I can't believe that Sarah is going to be eleven months old tomorrow. She has grown so much and is a happy little girl. She is walking now, about 15 steps at a time. Her favorite toys are books, cat in the hat stuffed toy, stuffed dog, and paper. She especially likes to play with newspaper, and Grandpa is to blame for that. She doesn't seem to enjoy baby food anymore except for her bottle. Her bottom two incisors popped through just yesterday. Last night she had her first sleep over at our house as her momma had her 20th class reunion-gosh that makes me feel old. She was good as gold and we had lots of fun with her.

A few weeks back MI daughter, Sarah, and I went to Portland to visit the OR family. I will write about that soon, but now I must get to work on my Cheshire cat tag for a swap. The tags were due to be sent out last Monday, so I am behind.


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