Saturday, August 29, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Swap

Le Vintage is having a wonderful tag swap honoring Alice in Wonderland and the new movie that is coming out next year. Don't we all just love this book and its many characters. My favorite of course in the Cheshire Cat. He is soooo cute! Murphy, MI daughter's cat reminds me of him. The funny thing is that Mr. Murphy pictures himself with a top hat, cigar, a newspaper, and his body reclining with his legs crossed. How do I know this? Well, MI daughter took a regular picture of Murph to a cat psychic and that is how he pictured himself. Frankly I think it is just wishful thinking on his part. LOL. See, cats always get me off the track. If you are interested in this tag swap or just want to check out a great blog go to to get all the information. It promises to be fun.


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