Saturday, December 22, 2012

They'll Be Home For Christmas

I've been busy getting the house ready for my Oregon daughter, her husband, and her daughter.  I last saw them in October so we are excited to see them again so soon.  Sarah, who is four, is eagerly awaiting her cousin, Juliet, who is six.   The two girls have so much fun when they are together, more like sisters than cousins.

Fred will be picking them up from Metro Airport tomorrow, while MI daughter, Sarah, and I make pumpkins pies and cranberry sauce.  The pie recipe is on the back of the Libby's pumpkin can and is the one my mother always made.  The cranberry sauce, make with fresh cooked cranberries put through a sieve and then boiled with sugar, is from a recipe that Fred's mom always made.  So we carry on the tradition


Photo from Graphics Fairy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sarah and Rosie


This is Sarah and her new cat, Rosie.  MI Daughter took Sarah to Petsmart to look at the cats up for adoption.  The MI Humane Society had a group of cats and kittens ready for  new homes.  Rosie was in a cage with another cat, a beautiful black girl.  Daughter and Sarah got to hold the cats and play with them, and decided to adopt both of them.  I don't have a picture yet of the black cat that they named Annie.  Both of the cats have adjusted well  and the family is happy to have cats back in their home.  Since Murphy died they have really missed a cat.  Doesn't Rosie look like Murphy?

I want to give a big hurray to Petsmart for the adoption center and fairs that they have in their stores.  Sarah has been going to the Petsmart near them since she was still in a stroller.  It is a great way to introduce children to animals, and a big service to all the foster groups that care for unwanted pets.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


December 1996-April 2012

Last week my Mi daughter's cat died.  He was the sweetest most gentle 
cat with a beautiful black ring of fur that gave him a necklace.  He was a
big cat,  sometimes weighing as much as 22 pounds,  had very large
paws, and beautiful golden eyes.  He was the last of her cats, and perhaps
that was fitting as he was always the low cat on the totem pole.  Murphy may
have known that the other cats felt that way about him, but to himself he was
a tycoon with a top hat reading the paper and smoking a cigar with his
hind legs crossed.  How do I know that?  Well, a cat psychic told us that. LOL

Look at that beautiful golden fur on his belly

This is an ATC that I made with a picture of  Murphy.  He loved to eat, 
and especially liked cream cheese off of Sarah's bagels.  When Sarah 
arrived three years ago,  he was always kind and gently with her, and she
with him.

Misc. ATC Swap

This is one of the three cards that I made for the swap.  I call it "Girls of the Office."  The cat images are from a collage sheet from Alpha Stamps.  Being a cat lover I just had to have this sheet.
These are the other two that I made.  The lady in the hat is called "All dressed up and nowhere to go."


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