Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter's Mushroom

Winter's Mushroom

In the summer this birdbath is a dish garden with hen and chicks plus a
collection of stones.
How different it looks in the winter after a few snowfalls.
It makes a very nice decoration for our deck, and gives
us something to look at.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ditty Bag from Gathering Dust

This is a Ditty Bag that I made from a tutorial by  Beth  of Gathering Dust.  She does these wonderful bags using a lot of vintage lace and fabric.  She was kind enough to show all her blog readers
how to make them.  When you go to her blog,  go the right side bar and  look under
recent posts for the how to instructions.

This is the first one that I made and it is for my MI daughter who likes
shabby chic decor.  ( A note to OR daughter who is more interested in modern decor.  I will make you one if you are interested.)
I am not happy with the drawstring, because it
is so short, but that is all I had.  However, I will keep
my eye out for something else to replace it with.

The crocheted lace is from an old doily that I cut up and the lovely
aquamarine velvet ribbon, under the fine lace is from an
Etsy purchase, as is the lace.

I sewed buttons from Jenni Bowlin that I bought online on the bottom
lace.  Beth used some bags that she bought at Michaels, but I
couldn't find any, so I made by own bag out of some muslin
that I had.  I sewed the lace from the bottom up before the
sides were sewn together.

I did not include the bottom layers of lace in the side seams
as I wanted them to be loose for some movement.
When I was finished, I soaked the bag in a hot tea bath. 
I used three bags of tea, to a large bowl of hot water,
and soaked  it for a minute or so.
I am very pleased the way it turned out, except for the drawstring, and
plan on making more, a lot more.
  Thank you Beth for you wonderful idea and instructions

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mug Mat Swap at Brynwood Needleworks

Donna is having a mug mat swap and will have a tutorial on her blog
Donna is very creative and has designed this cute mug mat.  If you can
sew, I am sure that you would like to join.  Please check it out.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gift for a friend

Last Fall my husband and I took a trip to Wisconsin to visit my friend , who I met when I was in third grade, and her husband. She is a very special friend and a lot of my childhood memories include her and her family.  We lived on the same street and spent a lot of time playing together and just having fun. 
When we went to Wisconsin I took a LOT of crafting material with me.  We make some journals and a decorative heart to hang.  I enjoyed myself so much on that short trip, and I felt like a kid again playing with a friend.  I had hoped to take a gift that I saw on Brynwood Needleworks, but I just kept putting off making it and the towels never got done.  Well today I finally make them.  Now I want to make a pad to put hot dishes on.  I wonder how long that will take me.  LOL  Perhaps it will get done so that I get mail it to her soon.  But I am such a procrastinator that time will tell.


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