Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gift for a friend

Last Fall my husband and I took a trip to Wisconsin to visit my friend , who I met when I was in third grade, and her husband. She is a very special friend and a lot of my childhood memories include her and her family.  We lived on the same street and spent a lot of time playing together and just having fun. 
When we went to Wisconsin I took a LOT of crafting material with me.  We make some journals and a decorative heart to hang.  I enjoyed myself so much on that short trip, and I felt like a kid again playing with a friend.  I had hoped to take a gift that I saw on Brynwood Needleworks, but I just kept putting off making it and the towels never got done.  Well today I finally make them.  Now I want to make a pad to put hot dishes on.  I wonder how long that will take me.  LOL  Perhaps it will get done so that I get mail it to her soon.  But I am such a procrastinator that time will tell.

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