Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter's Mushroom

Winter's Mushroom

In the summer this birdbath is a dish garden with hen and chicks plus a
collection of stones.
How different it looks in the winter after a few snowfalls.
It makes a very nice decoration for our deck, and gives
us something to look at.


Tejae: Heart Shaped Art said...

thanks for visiting my OWOH post!! :) lovely mushroom you have here. luckily we don't have the snow yet, just frigid wind!

Lorraine said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting me! Have a great night!
sending some smiles.. :o)

Baxter's Mom said...

Hi Nancy! OOOHHH so much snow!!! Thanks for visiting my OWOH post on Baxter's Mom...come back again soon!

MosaicMagpie said...

Hi! Nancy,
I am your swap partner in Donna's Mug Mat Swap. Nice to meet you!

Gina said...

Nice to meet you Nancy! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm going to go look for that ditty bag tute now.

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Nancy, greetings from Australia. It is amazing to see the snow at your place, when we have been having heatwave temperatures for the past 7 days of around 111F degrees, thankfully it is much cooler this morning. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment.


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