Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Winning Hand Swap--from Cassie

I finally got the pictures from the Winning Hand Swap posted. These are the gifts that I received from Cassie. The top picture is the lovely box that the gifts were wrapped in.
Of course, Toby had to see just what was in the box. I suppose he was expecting cat food. (The surprising thing about him he that he is not attracted to cat nip.) Yes, those are handmade chocolates, and it was hard to pace my eating of them, since I am on a diet program. Notice the beautiful green ribbon. The wall hanging is composed of hand dyed fabric and handmade paper from dryer sheets. The flower and leaves are embroidered on with floss and beads. Such nice work. The quote is from Henry David Thoreau: "Always maintain a kind of summer even in the middle of winter."

This is the ATC holder which is make from a fork with beads attached by wire. The ATC card was also make by Cassie, although I realize now that I have it upside down. The word serenity is on the card by the butterfly.

These are the valentines and the perfume card, which is a calendar, from 1890. Aren't they lovely? The perfume card is so pretty with the roses and lilies of the valley.

This is the sweet note that is on the back of one of the Valentines.
This swap was hosted by the Sweet Goodness Girls and they have another swap coming up soon, so if this sounds like fun to you check out their website.

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