Friday, March 20, 2009

Rag Doll Challenge

Miss Tulip Belle

Miss Tulip Belle was made for the Rag Doll Challenge hosted by Blithe and Blonde. The doll was to reflect the springtime, so I went with a tulip theme. I decided that instead of fabric I would use Kraft paper. Boy oh boy was that hard to stuff. Miss Tulip suffered a few tears here and there. I think that if I was ever to do this again I would try to stuff as I sewed, rather than doing it through the open head. She is rather primitive looking so perhaps we can say that it was a primitive rag doll. LOL. Below are close-ups of her dress and head.

Though she didn't turn out as nice as I had hoped, I had fun doing the doll. Next time I will definitely use fabric. Happy Spring!


City.Girl.Em said...

Nancy, she's great! How inventive....I think she's adorable and she definately looks springy!

I love your black cat...he looks like my Chaz. Beautiful!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!! I LOVE her!! What a fabulous, beautifully creative job you did with this dolly!!

Lynn Guinn said...

Nice to meet you, Nancy!
And Miss Tulip Belle. I love her dress.
I, too, have been married to the same dude for 40-something years and have 2 offspring and 2 grands!

cherished*vintage said...

Hi Nancy! Miss Tulip Belle turned out so cute! I can imagine how hard she was to stuff - I made mine out of fabric, and it was hard too... I love the bonnet you made for her - very cute!

Shean said...

Miss Tulip Belle looks great. I love how you did her dress, I can see why there was tears. Happy Spring

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Oh I love the little flower petals for a dress... Tulip Belle so fun and full of color.. She is adorable :)

meandering pearl said...

Such a beautiful name, Tulip Belle! & the petal dress is sweetly springshine, with her vibrant colours! i am also a big fan of the black cat on your banner, i used to have a cat like that, aaaw...have a very happy spring!!!


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