Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sarah at three months

This is a picture of MI daughter and her Sarah at three months. Yesterday was Sarah's first day at daycare. Beth was very sad to go to work, but she did it. When she picked Sarah up in the early evening Sarah gave her a great big smile. They sure do love each other. Sarah just glows when she is with her momma. I just love the way my daughters interact with their girls. They sing, they dance, they make goofy faces, and give lots of hugs and kisses. They are really great moms. I would post some pictures of Juliet, but her mom would prefer that I didn't, so I must respect her and her husband's decision. When we see them next time perhaps I can get a cute picture that doesn't really show her face.
If you live in the greater Detroit area and are looking for a photographer to take pictures of your baby and/or children check out Emily's work on Tutus and Tinkertoys. She took pictures of Beth when she was pregnant and pictures when Sarah was two weeks old and again at three months. Her pictures are creative and stunning.


Mandy said...

Hi Nancy~ I am so happy you visited my blog! I enjoyed your sweet comment. I have also enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your pictures. The story about your kitty is so sweet. Have a lovely week. ~Mandy

Simply Heart And Home said...


What beautiful pictures! I love the name Sarah. (I have one of those) :)

Have a lovely day



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