Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creative Hands Swap

This is the hand that I made for the Sum of all ATCs yahoo group. We were to trace our hand and then turn it into a creative hand. I chose to do what I call the "Bee Keeper's Hand". I used small bits of antique lace for the bee's wings, and some vintage pictures of flowers. Then I added a bee kelp. I used a lace paper doily that I cut up for the ruffle on the bottom of the hand, as well as some yellow trim that I had. I made 6 to trade, so I am waiting to see what other "creative hands" I will receive. I am sure they will be terrific because the people in this group are very creative, and it is fun to see what they do. I think that I will punch a hole in top finger and make a tag book out of them.

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