Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toby visits his "sister" and "brother"

While we are in Florida our MI daughter is watching Toby for us at her house. Her cat, Murphy, and Toby don't get along very well, but I think it is all an act on their part. Neither cat is aggressive, but someone has to be the "top cat", so they have to hiss and chase each other around. Toby always comes out the winner, because Murphy is such a sweetheart of a cat. When Toby comes over to my daughter's house he spends an hour or two walking around moaning for us. Then he usually discovers Murphy's current favorite spot and promptly sits himself down for a nap. If Murphy is in the spot, then Toby will sit near him, making Murphy nervous, or so Toby thinks. Poor Murphy he has always been at the bottom of the pecking order. Even now that he is the only cat that MI daughter has, he is still at the bottom, at least in his eyes. (But MI daughter loves her Murphy, and puts up with a lots of things that no one but a cat lover would.)

Toby spends time in the basement when Sarah is around. Like any 15 month child she rushes at him squealing with delight which is just too much for him. As soon as she goes to bed at night he runs up from the basement for his dinner.

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