Thursday, December 31, 2009

Inuit Divination Card

The above is the picture of the Inuit Divination Card that I made for the Ancient Wisdom and Magic Swap that I am in from the Yahoo Group The Sum of All ATCs, owned by the talented Valerie. This swap is hosted by another talented lady, Ali, from the United Kingdom. It took a long time to come up with the idea that I used due to the amount of information we were to include. There are 16 fortune telling objects that we were to use, including what each stood for. This is the front of my card which shows a drum that I used. I made two drums and cut one down and then glued to the first one to make a pocket, which holds a set of 16 cards that I made. One for each object. The fortune teller deals the cards out face down and then the person wanting his fortune told, picks a card and reads his fortune from the card. Below is the back of the card, which gives some information about the Inuit people .
Below are the 16 cards that I made, well actually 17, as one card has the instructions on it. The back of each card is the picture of the Inuit village. I was pleased with the way the project turned out.

A very Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog. I thank you for that and know that I like reading your blogs also.

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Her Art Nest said...

Hi Nancy,
How are you? Thanks for dropping by today. I know what you mean about making those washcloths. I made SO MANY for Christmas gifts. Glad to hear you may make the coffee cup sleeves. They are really quick!

I have been experimenting, making ones with cables, other ones with buttonholes, and even some taller types with little extensions to go around the cup handles. The biggest issue I have been having is finding the right yarn. I know it probably is more practical to use acrylic yarn, but the wool merino makes a very nice sleeve. But, then I wonder if I will remember which ones they are later so they don't shrink if I throw them into the wash machine. Then I will have little espresso or cappuccino cup sleeves Hope you had a nice holiday. Happy New Year, Nancy!!! Take care, Nance


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