Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm back to blogging

This is an ATC Christmas Ornament that I made for a swap on The Sum of ATCs yahoo group.

My computer was giving me so much trouble that I had stopped blogging and reading my favorite blogs. One day two weeks ago I finally had had enough and I called Comcast to see if there was a problem with my modem. The technician then referred me to McAfee, who in turn said that I was out of memory, and told me to contact Dell. Dell check my computer out and told me that I had only one memory card with 256 MHz and that my computer would speed up dramatically if I bought and inserted 2 cards of 512 MB memory. So I ordered them and they came this week. Then I called Dell again and they told me how to insert the cards. Thank goodness the man that helped had a lot of patience! I couldn't figure out how to open the tower even with his instructions. Luckily my husband was home (too cold here in MI to golf) and he was able to help me. My problem was that the technician's top and bottom were not what I thought was top and bottom. But the great news is that my computer is running like new again

Fred and I went to visit OR daughter in October for a long weekend. Juliet was so excited to see her "Papa" since he didn't go in September when MI daughter, Sarah and I went. The top picture is of her making crepes on Sunday morning with her Daddy. It was so sweet watching him letting her make the batter. (I know the picture is out of order, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to move it. Can anyone Help?


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Welcome back! Aren't computer problems frustrating?? No matter how helpful the guy on the phone is, I usually think he is speaking a language I just can't follow.

Anonymous said...

Your back. I kept checking but nothing. Glad you got the computer fixed!

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna be in big trouble-
just read my comment and didn't use the right you're - oops . Don't tell dad - it's 11 pm here and i am tired


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