Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage Swimsuit Tag Swap

Yesterday I mailed off my vintage swimsuit tags to A Swap For All Seasons. They are due on Saturday, so I think they will get there on time. I had to make 16 tags for the swap. I started out making them all different, but due to the time crunch because I am a procrastinator, I ended up making quite a few like the one below. That image was really my favorite of all the ones that I used. I did use some images from my collection of trading cards from grade school, and an old photo of my father's cousin. I don't have examples to show because they are on their way to mid-America.

I did make all the backs the same, since they were "just the backs." Here is the photo of the back.
I am really looking forward to getting my tag book in mid June. I just love the swaps where you get art work from other people. It is so interesting to see how they interpreted the theme. There really are a lot of true artists out there. Of course, everyone is an artist in their own way, some are just better than others on different levels. That's one reason I like the swaps-everyone is different and unique and they are all enjoyable to look at again and again. I found out about this swap on swapdex if you are interested in swaps. See my sidebar for the link badge.

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Beth Leintz said...

Life is better at the beach- THAT's a great sentiment! Cute tags, too!


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