Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sock monkey and knitted bear

This is my knitted bear that I made for the young lady in Rochester, MI who was collecting bears for the Mother Bear Project. I seemed to have gotten a different pattern than the other people, as he came out bigger. I think that I should now make one for my granddaughters. I loved using the chunky yarn because then the stuffing doesn't show through the yarn. I am now trying to knit Sarah a hat for her six month pictures, and it is not going well. We picked a yarn that is fuzzy and thick and thin. Well, the pattern is way too hard with this yarn, as it has bobbles in it, which I have never done. So I decided to try and knit my own hat without a real pattern. I am using the original pattern for size and shape, but am actually leaving out the fancy stitches. If it doesn't turn out I'll just undo the yarn and make a pink bear. LOL

My sister-in-law Lee Ann came over one day about a month ago and we make sock monkeys together. I had intended to make Juliet one last year for her birthday, but never got around to making two. The one that I did make I gave to her daycare class, because the children were in love with a book about a monkey. Since I really wanted one for Juliet I started early so I would have it for her birthday this year. Juliet and OR daughter have plans to fly to MI a week before her birthday, so they can be home on her birthday to celebrate with her Mom and Dad and Oregon friends. I am just so happy that they will be coming here and we can have a party also.

I talked to Juliet the other night and she told me that they had been rolling skating with Diane and Monique who are friends with OR daughter, and like a Grandma and Aunt to Juliet. I guess they had a lot of fun. Of course Juliet didn't want any help, so OR daughter said, "Mommy needs help." So Juliet got behind her Mom and pushed her along. I don't think that is what OR daughter had in mind. And now a Sarah story: MI daughter took Sarah to Targets for about an hour and a half picking up diapers and etc. for her. Sarah "talked" the entire time they were there and not quietly. People were looking at her, but only one person decided to talk with her.
I guess only one person could understand an almost six month old baby girl.

I had a wonderful time at the quilt retreat. Next post I will show you what I worked on.

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