Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Santa Barbara

The Wharf in Santa Barbara, California

We spent last week in Santa Barbara, California with OR daughter and her family. We rented a condo two blocks from the beach and the main street for shopping, so the location was perfect for us. We took a lot of walks, ate out, went to the zoo and just had a great time visiting. The guys even got to spend a day golfing. Fred and I also took a day trip to Solvang, a little city filled with Scandinavian architecture and shopping. Fred and I got to babysit one night and we had sweet Juliet all to ourselves. Even though we just saw them in December there is always much to talk about. Juliet now knows so many words and it is fun to sit and talk with her. She kept us in laughter. What a joy she is! How we wish that MI daughter and Sarah could have gone with us, but she is just to little to travel yet. (Fred and I both came home sick with colds. I am sure that I got it on the plane going to CA, and then Fred caught it from me.)

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