Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More on Santa Barbara

Oops forgot how to load pictures, so I had to start another posting. The flowers are very pretty in Santa Barbara and everything is so green. Just a beautiful part of our country.

I don't know what the name of this is, or even if it a tree or a shrub. but it sure is beautiful. When you walk under the branches you smell the heavenly scent of lilies.

Close up of the blossom.

Here is Miss Juliet doing her push-ups on the beach. They do a lot of exercising and stretching at her daycare.

Here she picked up a stick and did her twists. Who needs expensive gym equipment?

This is OR daughter and son-in-law and of course, Juliet. I was always trying to get her to smile for my camera. When we were at the Zoo, I was visiting with her, while OR daughter got our lunch. I kept asking her to smile so that I could get a cute picture for Aunt Beth and cousin Sarah. She shook her head no, and said, "My mouth is closed." I told her that was the funniest thing I ever heard and she starting giggling. I got my picture. (Her Mom would prefer that I not post pictures of Juliet, so that's why I posted the the ones where you really can't see her beautiful face and smile.

This is a picture of OR daughter and me. Now that I am starting to feel better it is time to get back to my quilting and crafts. I am working on a knitted bear to donate for the Mother Bear Project. A young lady is trying to collect as many as she can for a National Honor Society Project, so I thought I would make one and donate it. The knitting is done and I just have to sew it together. I'll post a picture when I finished her.
My next trip is a quilting retreat in Northern MI. This will be my fourth year and I always have so much fun.

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Her Art Nest said...

Hi Nancy,
Your trip to Santa Barbara looks heavenly. The weather was so perfect, plus you had such a good time. How can you go wrong visiting family AND visiting the wonder of the beach? So, now you are off soon for your quilting retreat. I am attending a little retreat at Skeins on Main for a knitting slumber party on the 25th. I hope to finish my bear too, and possibly work on some other knitting projects. It's free. You just have to donate something for breakfast. Nice to see you blogging so soon, with such cool photos. ~Nan


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