Monday, September 26, 2011

Round Robin ATC Kit swap

I signed up for the RR ATC  Kit hosted by Ali from the group The Sum of All ATCs, and it was a fun swap.  There were five of us and we each made up  two swap kits for each person in our group.  We included whatever we wanted in the kits, such as background, focal images and embellishments that the receiver of the kit would use however she wanted to decorate an ATC.  She was also free to add things that she had  in her supplies.  I, being a lover of cats, chose all cat images for my focal images, however I didn't scan the original images-sorry.  I am so pleased with the ATCs that I received.

                                                        MEOW                                                         JUNGLE CAT

All eight of my  kits went to Australia to Sarah, and she was free to
choose  the two kits that she liked.  Aren't they cute?

                                   SHE LOVED CATS AND DOGS         DREAMING OF PARIS                                                              

Sarah sent the kits on to Ali in Great Britain, who did the next set of cards.
I just love them and can imagine a cat dreaming of eating all the
crumbs outside of the French cafes.  (My cat, Toby, loves to eat
cake.   Perhaps he was Marie Antoinete's cat in one of
his nine lives.    LOL)     

CATNIP                                       BLACK CAT

Next the kits came back to the USA to Claudine.  Two more great cards!

THE BLACK  CAT                MEE-00W                                  


Julie got the last two kits, but decided to do three cards
Aren't they sweet?  I especially like the cat sitting on his "throne",
the proper place for all cats.

Thank to all the girls for the great job that they did using the kits.
Come back tomorrow and I 'll show you what I did with them.
I just love it.


Claudine C. said...

Ohh this was so much fun, I'm glad that you posted all of them, how neat they all came out too.

Deanna Cosgrove said...

These are all just amazing. I really need to do a swap already :)


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