Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Blog Header

I got tired of my old header so I found this very cute one on "Cute "n" cool"  Unfortunately I don't know how to center the blog title.  Perhaps someone can tell me how? If I don't blog before then I hope that everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving.


Her Art Nest said...

Hi Nancy, You could possibly try the section where you change the font size. It's under Template, then hit Advanced. I do not think there is an option to change the alignment at all. All of the lettering is centered by default. The words look centered to me. Or are you referring to the header size. You may need a 3 column size header if you feel this one is too small. Hope this helps.
Take care, Nance
P.S. I do like the new design though.

Anonymous said...

Like the new header! - B


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