Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alphabet letters O and P

Isn't this the cutest little face.  Although I didn't do a lot of collage on this card, I think the otter just is great all by itself.  The starfish was in the otter's paws but I enhanced the color a bit.

This is the papoose card for the letter P.  I got the image off the Internet somewhere.  I just love the background paper and I think it fits the image so well.  I made the "charm" that hangs from it.
  Our next letter is of course Q.  I have an idea, so all I have to do is make it.  Plus work on the quilt blocks for my block of the month quilt.  It has a total of 111 blocks and is to take 18 months.  Soon I will show you the blocks that I have made.  Plus I am working on my mystery quilt from this month, and a coffin for a swap I am in.  Yes, it is a coffin swap.  LOL  Plus I have a fairy 4x4 card that is past due.  Oh the life of someone who likes to do things, but unfortunately is a procrastinator.

1 comment:

Susan said...

OOOOOOOOO!!! I wish I was the recipient of your "O". as i simply adore Otters!
I wanted one as a pet when I was a kid, and never understood why my dad kept telling me NO, I was like "but we have a pool, so why can't we?" LOL



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