Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4x4 Alphabet Swap

The yahoo group I belong to is having a 4x4 card swap which I have joined. It is never to late to join if you are interested. The group in The Sum of all ATC's.

I just love this one, but it is because I like cats so much. Can you guess what Sarah's first word is? Nine months old and no mama, grandma, but kitty cat. Yes those are her first words. She just loves her stuffed Cat in the Hat that her Mama got her. Her second word is dog; she has a new stuffed dog. MI daughter just loves cats as much as I do, and now Sarah does too. However Murphy their real life cat is rather wary of Sarah. She does gentle touches, but Murphy is just not too sure how gentle they will be, so he runs away. I think that Juliet's first words were probably expensive jeans.

We are on the letter G for this month, so I have others to show later. I have also made some extras for people who joined late.
Below is my finger that I broke. This was taken after the split came off and before the physical therapy. I now have been released from the Doctor, so I will have to take a new picture of my finger. Believe it doesn't look much better, but it is functional.

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