Saturday, January 30, 2010

The above are collaged bird ATCs that I made for a swap on the yahoo group I belong to. I really enjoyed making these cards. I love birds, that is to look at, but not flying around me. When I first married we used to play cards with my parents every Friday night. My mom had found a baby cardinal that had been injured and she was raising it in their house. It was free to fly around. One night playing cards I clucked at the bird, and it came flying at me. The next thing I knew I was screaming and under the table. LOL That's when I realized I only like to look at birds. My OR daughter still reminds me of the time her nursery school went to a farm. When we got to the chicken coop I let her walk in by herself, hoping she wouldn't be afraid of the chickens. All I can say is she didn't like it one bit.


Anonymous said...

correction: you said you would be "right behind me"

Janee said...

Wow, those are beautiful Nancy!

Thanks for visiting my blog too.
(Blinkles Boulevard)


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