Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OR daughter and Juliet are coming

This Saturday evening OR daughter and Miss Juliet are coming for a visit. So yesterday while I was cleaning up the upstairs and getting everything ready for them, I gathered up some of my blue things to make me a new header. I used a couple of family pictures, a quilt I made, some dishes my mom gave me, a sampler, a book of Toby, a clock that I bought and redecorated, and other blue items. I didn't put the grand daughter's pictures on because OR mom would prefer no to have her face on the web, which I understand. But trust me they are the light of my life! Family matters the most for me.

I would say that blue is my favorite color, because I wear that color the most. However, I only have one room, a bedroom, in our condo that is decorated with blues. My kitchen is pink and green with a touch of blue, and I have a pink and green bedroom, but everything else is fairly neutral. I have a lot of quilts hanging on the walls so they add a lot of color to our home.

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That’s a wonderful news!


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